Landscaping Prices

How to Determine Landscaping Prices

landscaping pricesLandscaping prices can be figured based on a per hour, per acre or per square foot basis. Naturally landscape prices will vary depending on the region in which the services will be performed, which services are needed, and on the costs for supplies – which fluctuate greatly with the changing seasons.

Determining Landscaping Prices for Consumers

If you have a need for landscaping services, the first thing you will want to do is call a few landscaping companies in your area and make appointments for them to come out and give you a bid or quote for the work you would like done.

When comparing landscaping prices from the contractors, keep in mind that some landscape companies charge separate for materials and labor where others just add a percentage mark-up to the materials as the labor cost. Without knowing this when comparing prices for your landscape services, you might wrongly choose a contractor.

few landscaping companies pricesGenerally mulch is charged as an additional item on top of the price of the work and is calculated by multiplying the square footage of the area by .25. Then the contractor will divide that resulting number by 27 in order to come up with the cubic yards that will be needed. Mulch should cost around $75 per cubic yard, but could be higher depending on your location.

Occasionally, you will find a landscaper that also adds the cost of topsoil as an additional charge to his landscaping prices as well.

If you would like to lower landscaping prices while getting the same amount of work done, here is a great tip. Use plants and trees that are immature. It may take longer for them to be the size you desire, but by using smaller plants initially you can save a bundle.

Determining Landscaping Prices for Contractors

landscaping prices lawnIn order to properly bid a job and give landscaping prices to potential customers, a landscape contractor will need to know about how long the job will take to complete. If you are fairly new to bidding jobs and running a landscaping business and do not have past job time data to look at, you may want to consider getting a labor time estimates book.

Nilsson’s Labor Time Data Handbook is a reference book for the landscaping industry that gives estimates of how long a job should take to complete. By using a tool such as this, you will be able to see the average time a certain service should take to perform. You can then plug this number into your hourly wages needed to come up with a labor figure.

Add to that the supplies that will be needed to complete the work and you should be able to come up with fairly accurate landscaping prices. As time goes on and you complete more and more jobs, you will become more experienced in this area and will know what to charge for certain jobs of a certain size.

In the mean time, you may occasionally undercharge and not make the amount of money that you should. Don’t get down on yourself too hard, it happens to the best of us occasionally but bidding landscaping prices gets easier as times goes by.



Cost of Landscaping

Estimating the Over-All Cost of Landscaping

Cost of LandscapingOne of the first thing that you should look into if you were to estimate the over-all cost of landscaping that you have to cover for your project is the size of area to be landscaped. Obviously, you would have to shell out a bigger amount of money if you were to have a bigger lot worked on as well.

For you to be able to get an accurate estimate of the cost of landscaping, try to get the help of a professional in measuring the lot. This will help you estimate all the other requirements that you would have to prepare as well.

Another feature that you have to consider in preparing for the over-all cost of landscaping that you will come across when you work on your garden is the variety of features that you plan to install in your lot.

If you want to have a fountain put in, for example, then you would obviously have to pay a bigger amount as opposed to if you were only having minor changes done. You obviously have to pay for a bigger cost of landscaping if you have extravagant features installed.landscaping prices fountain

Finally, you also have to look into the individual prices of the materials that you need for the project if you were to best prepare for the cost of landscaping that you would have to cover. It will do you well to perform the necessary amount of research about the individual materials, so that you will be able to save up enough money for the project.

Look for areas that you may cut back on in the process, so that you will be able to minimize the cost of landscaping. With enough luck, you should be able to cut off a very significant percentage from your over-all expenses.